13 Giugno 2024


AfroWomenPoetry, l’esordio del progetto a Padova

Poesia, aneddoti, storie di donne, storie dall’Africa. Questi gli ingredienti della conferenza tenutasi a Padova, che ha visto protagonista AfroWomenPoetry. L’intervista all’ideatrice del progetto, Antonella Sinopoli, e le performance di attrici teatrali che hanno interpretato le opere delle poetesse, hanno accompagnato il pubblico nella conoscenza di realtà spesso sconosciute, o distorte, del mondo femminile del continente africano. I primi due Paesi del progetto sono il Ghana e il Togo.

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AfroWomenPoetry, voices of the women in a changing Africa

With this post we present AfroWomenPoetry, our repertoire of poems written and performed by African female poets. This project aims at explaining Africa through the eyes of women: these passionate, beautiful and highly self-conscious women still have to face the lasting traces of colonialism, and they are building their identity in the Present while dealing with the Past. Poetry accounts for an important instrument, a “free zone” where they express themselves about issues as, for example, the century-long oppressive traditions, the longing for independence and autonomy, the feminism and pride in being African and many others.

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